A heartwarming message from a child that brightened my day

MARQUETTE, Mich. — This message brought me so much joy this morning. These are the types of endorsements that mean the most.

“Your sign is now our son’s favorite thing,” said Lisa VanLinden Ghiringhelli. “Our son is 6 and he is non verbal autistic. We are not allowed to touch it or he gets upset with us. His sister was able to hold it for a couple pictures. Good luck on Tuesday!”

Vincent, 6 and Olivia, 4, have been participating in various sensory adaptation programs across the city.

“I am so excited Marquette is growing into a more inclusive place,” said Ghiringhelli. “We have attended plays at NMU and love the Children’s Museum.”

NMU Theatre, Moosewood Nature Center, and the Children’s Museum, to note a few, are all working on a making Marquette more inclusive for children like Vincent.

I’m grateful to have the Ghiringhelli’s support. I would be honored for the opportunity to serve them and help foster an environment in the city where Vincent is not only included, but where he can thrive.

Thank you, Vincent and Olivia.