Tax Incentives to Landlords for Low Rent Rates

Is it becoming unaffordable to rent in the City? Vote “YES” at if you support “a citywide system of government social insurance for renters. Households that see their rents go up could be eligible for tax credits or welfare payments to offset rent hikes, and vouchers to help pay the cost of moving. The money for the system would come from taxes on landlords [that raise rent] which would effectively spread the cost among all renters and landowners instead of laying the burden on the vulnerable few.”

Do you support tax incentives for landlords to keep rental rates affordable? It would tax landlords who increase rent to…

Posted by Andrew Lorinser on Monday, March 19, 2018

Sugar Tax

Should the city tax sugar drinks? U.S. cities are implementing sweet beverage taxes. Seattle’s approx. +$.30 / 20 ounces…

Posted by Andrew Lorinser on Tuesday, January 2, 2018