Mayor Pro-tem Reynolds Endorses Lorinser for City Commission

MARQUETTE, Mich. — One of the two open spots for Marquette City Commission for which eight candidates are vying in an August 6 Primary belongs to City Commissioner and Mayor Pro-tem Sarah Reynolds.

Termed out, Reynolds has served two terms and vacates her seat this November. Reynolds has chosen to acknowledge her personal support for Commission Candidate, Andrew Lorinser.

“Sarah and I became friends through her involvement in City governance, and my aspirations towards it,” says Lorinser. “We share common goals, and I admire her. Her endorsement means a lot.”

Lorinser says Reynolds has been a source of advice and a sounding board for his own constituent engagement.

“Sarah teaches me a lot, most importantly to value the input of everyone. She’s a strong leader on commission, and her passion for local public servitude is baton I’m honored any commissioner entrusts to pass to me.”

“As I leave the Marquette City Commission, I look back on my time and all we have been able to accomplish,” says Reynolds in a Facebook video.

Her time in office has been inspiring to many. State Representative Sara Cambensey’s previous city elections motivated Commissioner Reynolds to run for office. Reynolds’s position inspired Commissioner Jenna Smith and Commissioner Jenn Hill to run. Women in office is an empowering and contagious thing.

Reynolds says she’s proud of the progress made, and the momentum built, but that now is a time for the next generation to step in and continue her work.

“That’s why I’m proud to endorse Andrew Lorinser for City Commission,” she says. “Andrew is sincere, dedicated, and will bring a new ideas and vision that will keep Marquette moving forward.

Andrew Lorinser says he’s humbled by the support.

“Mayor Pro-tem Reynolds will continue to do big good things. If I’m so honored to be elected, I’m grateful I have such a supportive friend a phone call away for consultation. She’ll continue to be a source of advice. Beyond the endorsement, just as a citizen, I’m really appreciative of her service to the community.”

Any opinion or endorsement for Andrew’s non-partisan run for elected office is not an official endorsement by Sarah Reynolds’s employer or the City of Marquette Municipal Government. Sarah supports Andrew as friend, private citizen, and voter in the City of Marquette. Any mention of her position or title is for reference only.