NMU creates document generator for students to vote in Marquette

If you sleep in Marquette, you can vote in Marquette. NMU is helping students register to vote ahead of the Presidential Primary by proving their local residency. Three steps: Generate document, register, and vote. If your ID matches the name on the doc, and you show up to the polls or the City Clerk on or before March 10, you can vote here!

Are you an on-campus NMU student or local resident planing to vote in Michigan’s Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 10, but haven’t yet registered to do so?

If you live in Northern’s residence halls or on-campus apartments, you have one additional proof of residency step in the voter registration process than those who do not live on campus.  

When you go to the City Clerk’s office or polling precinct to register for voting, you will need to present a one-page document called the Voter Address Verification form that provides official verifcation by Northern Michigan University of your on-campus address.

To access this document, you can go directly to https://aditweb.nmu.edu/records/vote/ or you can log into MyNMU and click the following:

  • “Student Services” Tab
  • “Main Menu” link under Student Services
  • “Personal Information” Link
  • “Voter Address Verification”

This link will provide verification of the local and permanent address for any NMU student.

Tap to generate your document to take to the Clerk.