South Marquette is the future of our city! What do you envision here? Here's what I'd like to see, but I am in this race to represent you. Show government your vision for the direction and identity of our wonderful city. #NotCondos ... See MoreSee Less

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Little shops won’t survive, though it’s a quaint and lovely idea to have a boardwalk and shops. It costs a lot to own a small business and rent on the lakefront would be astronomical. Keeping it natural and an extension of our existing bike path with a park. I visited a park in Portland that was a “nature park” and it was so awesome!

Totally against condos but how about a mini Mackinac Island? Shops, restaurants, and maybe even some horses/carriages to transport people around?

I would live to see a pier for everyone to enjoy. NOT another damn obstructing building! 🀬

Green space full of nature and a pathway that is wheelchair accessible for everyone to enjoy. I like a lot of the comments to keep as a beach with a board walk and maybe a few small local shops selling merch and snacks. Please no more hotels or condos, or overpriced housing development that only affluent outsiders can afford. If any development, maybe a small tiny home community that allows our local residents to afford a home of their own in a beautiful location.

We have an opportunity to make the South Beach area yet another jewel in the crown that is Marquette. I love that my hometown just keeps making wonderful improvements. I can't wait to see what She will look like in another five years! 😎

I would love seeing a pier or boardwalk. Something that doesn't take away from the view and something that everyone can be a part of that doesn't cost money to enjoy.

I love the boardwalk/pier idea! There can still be beach as well but a boardwalk as well would be awesome!

Green space!! Maybe a nice family restaurant, can't beat the view.

It would be great to see the majority of the area turned into greenbelt space. Especially the area surrounding the river. A small pier along the river would be great for family friendly fishing, kayaking, etc (about where the existing cooling water pond sits). Plant a bunch of trees and create a small rustic trail system. If business development is a must, keep it to the north/northeast end near the railroad tracks where pedestrians would typically avoid. Maintain a maximum height limit of anything with a water view to avoid vertical development, and by all means, nothing on the water side of Lake Shore Blvd (which I don't believe is up for grabs anyway)!

A nice family park for all ages to enjoy that's what it should be

Like we really have a say, it is going to be condos just like every other empty area has become. Why because all Marquette wants is collage students and retired. Sad when you drive around and see all the empty shops and stores

Green space Pier Kiddy splash park that’s free

How about leave it be?? A beach and a playground that is simple enough for everyone to enjoy...for free. Please no more buildings and development along the shorelines πŸ™

Since so many families go to the beach there, let's make it more family friendly. Nice playground equipment, grills, ice cream stand like at Presque Isle, gazebo for weddings and so on.

No one has shown areas for parking along the shore.

Can we turn it into a sweet indoor/outdoor music venue? We need more spaces to go watch live music!

Hydro power plant to lower our bills

Returned to Mother Nature, please, please, please!

Public area for all to enjoy. No more tall buildings!

Like the boardwalk or pier idea. No more condos!!

Hydro power plant to lower our bills

Just nothing. Leave a park and a beach.

Oh but the dirty city will sale it for condos

Commissioners that hold businesses accountable for not building what they said . They said the Condo's would not be so tall to block view of lake plus look like crap! The commissioner that said we have to get over it that Progress should not be on the Board!

This was really good would love to work for you on your campain

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