MARQUETTE, Mich. — I recently visited Garden to learn about renewable energy. Citizens need to have a say in the location, scale, and ownership of wind farms. It’s especially vital the energy generated benefits the community in which it’s harvested.

Wind done right at a cottage-based, small scale is the future, but brash corporate energy colonization can tear a community apart. We all need to do our part in conservation and conversation.

I want Michigan to continue to offer energy credits to homes utilizing solar and wind, and start a discussion about the viability of wind, wave, hydroelectric, and geothermal options to contribute to our power grid.


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Over 500 people voted in the December poll, but I’ve seen a lot of hysteria about wind farms on U.P.-based Facebook groups recently, so I will continually revisit this topic. I support all effective renewable energy measures.

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When looking at residents’ opinions in a popular poll near Baraga, the results are different. Renewable Energy Systems has proposed 30 to 50 wind turbines to be put throughout the Weyerhaeuser land in L’Anse township. RES officials said this area is good for power which, in turn, is good for the Upper Peninsula.

Who is and who isn’t in favor of the windmill project in Baraga and Marquette county’s. Please give us your vote.
Thank you.

Posted by Buddy Sweeney on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I am closely following data on wind energy to understand how it can be applied in the U.P. We may be an ideal location for turbines to be their most effective. I understand this is a hard-sell for some residents, so I’m interested in your concerns if you’re voting ‘no’ in this poll.

Adding the cheapest renewable form of energy to the grid will save money in an environmentally friendly way, and positioning them coastally will be very efficient. Opponents say turbines are too loud, unsightly, permanently change landscape, and are harmful to migrating birds.

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