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MARQUETTE, Mich. — This year, Spread Goodness Day is scheduled for March 15. On my mission to become familiar with different local perspectives, I got a preview of the event, and some further backstory from my new friend, Anna Dravland. My main objective right now is to be a good listener.

Anna Dravland  is the creator of Spread Goodness Day.  This afternoon, we had a great discussion at The Crib about how government can better serve disabled citizens. It’s the beginning-spark of an ongoing conversation about the contagion of empathy not only in politics, but in society as a whole.

Topics were broad, but focused around inclusion, accessibility, affordable housing, and spreading awareness that no citizen is immune to being a step away from disability, homelessness, or medical emergency. After a harrowing stroke in 2017, Anna is doing ‘big good things’ in the community with Spread Goodness Day and activism.

But the road has been rough. Anna has had some debacles in receiving disability benefits, and hopes her new struggles and experiences in this system can be a story of change from which state and federal governments can take example. She wants to dispel misconceptions about people with disabilities. As she adjusts to a new life, she hopes her story can help educate others to understand the diverse faces and challenges of the disabled.

Anna is bringing to public-light what it means to ‘Survive with Strength.’ Her message has been powerful and is resonating in the community and beyond. 

Spread Goodness Day (2018) Message

Today is going to be a great day! It’s Spread Goodness Day! What are you doing today to #SpreadGoodness? I want to hear all about it. Happy #SpreadGoodnessDay, everyone!

Posted by Andrew Lorinser on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Anna shares my marvel about the wonders of Marquette, and how citizens’ generosity made her feel “adopted by this town.”

A Crib patron, Andre, who was a random recipient of a free tee-shirt, and I are sporting the new 2019 design for Spread Goodness Day. Merchandise for this year’s event will be available soon.

Rashad Andre Smith gets a free tee-shirt!

A documentary about the movement focusing on Anna’s story is in the works with the help of Bennett Media Group.

The UP-home-grown day of goodness is scheduled for March 15th. You can join this international celebration of all things goodness on Facebook, or learn more at 

Spread Goodness Day 2018

Take a peek at the highlight reel from Spread Goodness Day 2018! Big thanks to Jerry Mills for his amazing song “Goodness”!

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Thank you for your time today, Anna. You are valued. You are important.