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Fellow Marquette City Residents,

I hereby officially announce my candidacy in the 2019 Marquette City Commission race.

I am grateful for the opportunity to prove why I am a qualified candidate to represent the citizens of Marquette. This beautiful city has been my love, and home, for three decades. It is the greatest city on the planet.

I am running for Marquette City Commission. These are my Top 10 issues and priorities. We can accomplish so much! Before…

Posted by Andrew Lorinser on Thursday, January 3, 2019

From kindergarten to college, I am fortunate to have been educated here all my life. One of my greatest joys was starting a small-business downtown. I worked as an advocate of local arts, music, and entertainment.

Since then, I have successfully campaigned to get over a dozen local leaders elected, heavily active behind-the-scenes in politics. For over a decade, I helped small-business owners with marketing and promotion, and spent the latter four years digitally producing local news. Most recently, I was dedicated to non-profit public relations and fundraising. Currently, I am furthering my education at Northern Michigan University, and have become an outspoken advocate and activist for various causes.

I am now eagerly compelled to lead.

If elected, I hope to represent all residents, and improve upon the great things we have already accomplished. My campaign will revolve around new specific policies, with a fresh perspective on ethical and transparent public servitude.

Marquette is a diverse and unique micropolitan city, facing challenges of growth and development in all sectors. To approach these changes, I intend to bring to the commission honesty, innovative thought, humility and a commitment to improve our city for all citizens.

I hope to find a cohesive balance between city-development and respect for the rights of the hard working groups that build it, those who care for its people, and the environment upon which it’s sustained.

I want to advocate for the rights of workers, and make it easier for start-up businesses to employ an eager and skilled labor force. I want safer roads and shorelines, and a vibrant downtown. I want a bustling tourist industry, pristine parks and waterways, and the city to go further to protect our environment. I want S.T.E.M. opportunities and local strides in innovative technology.

We have an opportunity to compassionately eradicate homelessness in the city, and subsequently save taxpayers millions of dollars with a Housing First initiative.

We need to improve student-to-resident retention. I would be honored to help create an attractive Marquette for young people to start a life-long love for the city. I have ideas to ignite responsible business development, and encourage more entrepreneurial spirit. One of my main goals is to share my contagious passion for democracy, get citizens enthused to participate in the process, and keep voters engaged with the important changes happening here.

I will announce further specifics in due course. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to me, and discuss anything you feel I should address when developing my platform. I hope to funnel my passion in constructive interactions with you. What issues are important to you? How can I help make Marquette a better place to live for you, your family, and your neighbors?

There is a lot of work to do. Please contact me if you are interested in helping with my campaign. From volunteering, signing my nomination petition, developing a committee, or simply just sharing my intent-to-run with your friends, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

It would be an honor to represent you. It is my belief when you’re elected to public office, you do not ascend above your constituents, but rather become an extension of them to advocate on their behalf.

I’m looking forward to a new discourse on how to put the people of the Queen City back on their pedestal. With your support, we can accomplish so much. Thank you for your consideration.

Andrew Lorinser (906) 250-2728